Thursday, November 8, 2012

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It's been awhile since we posted here...BUT the retreat countdown is ON so from here on out we'll be posting WEEKLY updates full of retreat info, speaker introductions and adoption articles that will bless you as you prepare to come. IF you are one of those mommas on the wait list...HANG TIGHT! With almost 500 moms at each retreat who are adoption moms--we always have a ton of cancellations and usually make it entirely through the wait list by retreat time! We have about 120 moms on each list--but this time last year we did too--and we totally worked through the list as moms got travel dates, referrals, etc closer to retreat time. Trusting again that the Lord makes a way for EVERY mom on the wait list to come.

IF you are one of those moms who gets travel dates, a referral or finds out for some reason you will not be able to come--just email Christy at Christy will email the next waiting mom, facilitate your refund and help the new mom sign up for the classes she would like to take, country table she wants to sit at on country night and get all her personal info. It's important for any cancellations and sells to go through Christy so we can get name tag info, personal info and everything that new momma will need to have an amazing weekend at the retreat! (Thank y'all so much for running your cancellations through C4C--it truly makes it SO much easier to stick to a system when we're run by volunteers who already have a system in place. Thank you!)

If you haven't already booked your room, DO SO NOW! Last year, we ran out of rooms and had to start using the lodges nearby--so if you haven't already booked your room--get on it this week and you'll be set! (If you do cancel your coming--don't forget to cancel your room reservation too! If you have roommates--and you need to fill your spot--go on our Facebook page as there are moms there always looking to connect for roommates and such!)

FLYING IN?? If you want to split car rentals--be sure to connect with other moms on Facebook also landing at the same time. We rented a car last year through for under well under $100 for the weekend...I think it was around $60! So...if you split that 4 ways--that will make things super cheap for transport to and from the airport!

GET EXCITED! January (and March!) will be here before you know it!!! If you have any questions at all, please email us through the website at Can't wait to see each of you so very soon!


Andrea and the C4C team

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  1. Andrea and C4C staff,

    I purchased a ticket for the January retreat and am not able to go now. I was wondering how I go about offering it to another mom on the waiting list?

    Thanks so much,
    Deanna Van Notric