Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Created for Care Slideshow...

We always start the retreat off with pictures of families attending the retreat that have been emailed to us. (If you are coming to the March retreat--we'll post here the email instructions for pictures soon!) I just LOVE starting our weekend out with this. This year, I described it as AN OFFERING to the Lord for all that He has done in our children and in our families.

So...sit back--and celebrate His goodness with us.

EACH of these pictures--tells a beautiful story. A story of a family being called...a story of a child needing a family...a story of a family stepping out in faith--and waiting--and longing...and willing to do anything to get their precious one home...a story how the Lord brings all things together--and makes every part of the journey WORTH it. Celebrate with us...all that He has done in the families represented at January's Created for Care 2012 retreat...

Looking forward to celebrating again in March with another beautiful stack of pictures. How amazing it is to follow His plans for our future!!! Thankful for the journey...

Blessings to each of you as you trust in His faithfulness.


  1. Well now this makes me cry ALL OVER AGAIN! Love this! Hugs to all these precious families!

  2. this is beyond beautiful! Thank you for sharing it with those of us unable to attend. :)